As the US education system emerges from the well-intentioned but misguided era of No Child Left Behind, significant change is needed to help children reach their full potential. A return to a Whole Child / Whole Community education approach is both urgent and timely.  


JPR is in the business of preparing, advising, and supporting educators in the design, implementation, and leadership of educational systems that are focused on educating and developing the Whole Child.

Through a network of partners, our work focuses on preparing the next generation of education leaders to help advance Whole Child approaches by giving them the skills, knowledge, framework, tools, strategies, mindsets, and a peer learning network that enables them to create the conditions for children to thrive.



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Jonathan’s tenure as superintendent of America’s most diverse school district has prepared him for unique challenges across the country.



From coaching and workshops to tailored consulting, we offer a wide array of options for your organization or school district.

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